Host your IT infrastructure in a secure, private cloud environment that’s got all the QoS features you need to make the whole experience a breeze.

File sharing

Cloud Backup

Voice Communications

Boost your productivity with LigthSpar FileShare

Simplify your file management, reduce your need for extra hardware and storage space, and so much more!

  • Enterprise-Level Security & Management. We offer all the IT controls, security parameters & administration capabilities you need.
  • User-Friendly Features. Our platform is modern and intuitive and packed with features that are easy to use for businesses of all sizes.
  • No Hardware Needed. With FileShare, you avoid the hassle of setting up new hardware, increasing storage, updating operating systems, and more.

Keep data safe with LightSpar's cloud backup

Back up and protect important data on any device, from anywhere – either locally or in our secure cloud servers!

  • Protect Your Remote & Hybrid Teams. Since our platform’s cloud-based, it can secure your protect your team’s data no matter where they’re located.
  • Enjoy WAN-Optimized Abilities. Thanks to our combination of cloud stroage gateways and end-point agents, our solution won’t slow your network down!
  • Backup Anything & Everything. With our solution, you can back up your servers, desktops, laptops & so much more. It’s got the capacity to handle it all!

Pay less for more with LightSpar's voice services

Our package of internet-based voice services is reliable, affordable, & packed with excellent features.

  • Upgrade from Analog Lines. Our VoIP lines and SIP trunks allow you to make calls faster and at a lower cost than traditional POTS lines.
  • Access Better Features with Our VoIP PBX. LightSpar’s PBX has all the features you need to future-proof your business.
  • Get a Solution Built Just for You. No matter what your communication needs, we can build a solution to meet them!

Sky's the limit with LightSpar's cloud services

Our secure and flexible solutions are designed to help your business unleash its full potential and soar to new heights!

Enhanced data access

Our cloud services provide easy and secure access to data from any device with an internet connection.


Using any one of our services can help you save hundreds on IT infrastructure & maintenance.

Simple scaling

We enable you to quickly scale up or down to meet your changing needs, giving you the flexibility to grow.

Why choose LightSpar?

We know what it takes to connect companies

Not only do we give you the features and functions you need, but we also offer fully personalized support 24/7/365! If you have any questions, or if any issues arise, you’ve got a whole team on your side ready and willing to help!