Empower your teams to work from anywhere quickly and securely thanks to our SD-WAN solutions.

What is

SD-WAN stands for “software-defined wide area network.” It is a type of virtual network with a software overlay, enabling companies to easily (and securely) access important data and applications over multiple types of connections. As a result, SD-WAN eliminates the need for enterprises to establish expensive wide-area networks with physical hardware. 

Who is
SD-WAN for?

SD-WAN is for all businesses that need to securely connect different offices and computer networks in a more efficient and effective way. Which means it’s extremely beneficial for: 

Remote Teams

Worried about remote team members using unprotected networks? LightSpar SD-WAN gives them the ability to connect quickly, reliably, and securely using highly encrypted connections – no VPNs required!

Hybrid Teams

Thanks to our SD-WAN solution, your hybrid teams can enjoy the speed, security, and reliability of the in-office network from the comfort of their own home.

SD-WAN benefits

Move to the Cloud with Ease

SD-WAN allows companies like yours to use cloud services that are best suited to your specific business requirements. LightSpar’s SD-WAN Solution supports: 


With this type of cloud service, you can use a combination of public and private networks, enabling them to use the internet and other low-cost connectivity options without sacrificing performance or security.


In this deployment structure, businesses can access and manage multiple cloud services from different providers through a single network. This makes it easier to move workloads and applications between cloud environments.


Directly access SaaS (Software as a Service) applications with our SD-WAN solution, making the apps more responsive and reliable. This is important because SaaS applications are increasingly important for businesses but can be challenging to manage due to their distributed nature.

SD-WAN benefits

Streamline & Optimize Your Network Operations

Easily set up branches and remote sites with global visibility, agility, and scalability using an automated platform. And optimize your traffic across all connections to provide a seamless user experience, automatically routing traffic to the best connection for better app performance. 

SD-WAN benefits


Network services

At LightSpar, we know how frustrating it is to deal with a "one size fits all" solution. That's why our team of experts is dedicated to building an SD-WAN solution that fits your business needs like a glove. No more dealing with so-so solutions and nonexistent support. We're by your side from design to installation and beyond.

Get The Best Of Both Worlds
With LightSpar SD-WAN

Enjoy the tightest network security with the simplest platform thanks to our custom-built SD-WAN solutions.