SIP Trunk

Give your internet connection the power to make and take business phone calls with our SIP trunking solutions!

What is SIP trunking?

SIP trunks use the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to turn your internet connection into your phone line. They allow your business PBX server to make and receive high volumes of calls (both inbound and outbound) without a physical phone connection.

What Makes SIP Trunking Right for Your Business?

It Grows With You

Add SIP trunks, channels, and DIDs whenever you need them.

It's Highly Reliable

Our extensive data centers ensure you're always connected.

It's Cost-Effective

SIP Trunks are far more affordable than traditional connections.

What You Can Do with LightSpar's SIP Trunks

Manage Everything Online

Use our web-based admin portal to handle your credentials and direct-dial numbers easily. No need to be in-office

Fight Fraud Effectively

Get alerts from us when we detect unusual call activity and protect against abuse and fraud with just a few clicks.

Local Numbers, Instantly

Give your business a local touch, no matter where you're located with our SIP trunk's custom area code feature.

Never Miss a Beat

Our automatic failover feature reroutes calls to another destination if your PBX goes offline, so you'll never miss a call.

Quick and Secure Access

Administrators can view detailed call records securely and in minutes with our CDRs.

Deploy Same Day

Deploying our ready-to-use SIP trunks is hassle-free, allowing you to deploy in a day without any coding requirements.

Reap all the benefits of LightSpar's
internet-based calling

Network consolidation

SIP trunks combine all data into one secure network so when your business grows, you don't need to buy extra services—just add more bandwidth!

Security & fraud prevention

Our SIP trunks provide secure connections between callers and are always being monitored so we can identify and handle potential threats quickly.

Access to local numbers

SIP trunking makes it easy for you to get local & toll-free numbers, even when you don't have an office in the area, to put customers at ease.

Overall cost reduction

With SIP trunking, your phone bills will much lower and more predictable since they use the internet - instead of physical phone lines - for calls!

Why choose LightSpar?

A trustworthy solution for all your internet needs

We Help You Switch

Switching voice providers can be a big task. We offer hands-on support to help make sure the transition goes smoothly.

We're Always Connected

Our network has some of the highest reliability in the industry, with 99.999% uptime across all our data centers.

Clear Calls Every Time

Enjoy superb call quality with low-latency voice connectivity and redundant SIP servers that offer multiple call routes.

Simple Setup

We did the work for you! Our trunks are equipped with all the credentials you need. Just copy and paste them into your PBX.

Modernize Your Business Phone System Today

We know it’s important to stay ahead of the curve – especially when it comes to business communication. Which is why you can enjoy all the latest connectivity features of LightSpar’s SIP trunk!