Contact Center

Offer a seamless and personalized customer experience with a quick and effective full-featured Contact Center!

Unified call management & monitoring

advanced automation

comprehensive analytics & reporting

extensive security

Unified call management & monitoring

Our call center allows you to track, monitor, and route calls in real-time, ensuring you connect customers with the right person every time they call. This will:

  • Boosts your customer satisfaction ratings
  • Improve your overall productivity
  • Enhance your ability to meet voice SLAs 
  • Deliver a complete picture of every customer interaction

Advanced automation

From analyzing caller intent to recording important conversations, our platform is full of automations that save you time by streamlining – or even reducing – repetitive tasks. Now you can offer: 

  • Top-tier service while leveraging your IT investment
  • Actionable feedback on an individual scale 
  • Exceptional engagement and productivity for better CX
  • Seamless functionalities

Comprehensive Analytics & Reporting

Our analytics & reporting suite gives you a clear insight into what is working and what isn’t. This way, you’ll be able to

  • Optimize processes 
  • Understand customer behavior and preferences
  • Accurately measure teamwide performance
  • Make better decisions with data-driven insights 

Extensive security

We’ve made sure our platform is equipped with advanced encryption methods, powerful firewalls, and two-factor authentication for all users, ensuring every single piece of sensitive customer and internal data is safe and secure.

A great call center benefits everyone

The LightSpar Call Center platform makes delivering memorable customer service easier than ever for businesses of all sizes.

Better time management for employees

Enable effective and superior time management for better call distribution with our call routing features.

More flexibility for customer service teams

Empower your customer support team to efficiently handle customer communications anytime, anywhere.

Highly personalized care for each customer

Your team can deliver the care your customers crave thanks to custom routing, agent scripting, sentiment analysis, and more.

Why choose LightSpar?

We know what it takes to provide great care

At LightSpar, we strive to go above and beyond to make sure our customers are satisfied. We understand that customer care is the backbone of a successful business, so we want to give you the tools that you need to provide that kind of care to your customers.