Unified Communications

Say hello to a simple, flexible communications solution designed to support business no matter how fast you grow!



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Cloud Calling

Say goodbye to being tied to your desk! With Lightspar, you can take your business phone system – and its features – with you wherever you go. All you need is an internet-connected device. Enjoy all the benefits, like: 

Highest-Quality Voice Calls

Our platform is equipped with HD audio giving you crystal-clear connectivity. It’s also built on top of a georedundant network, guaranteeing that you’ll be able to stay connected no matter what.

The Same Excellent Experience On Any Device

We’ve put in the work to make sure our UCaaS platform is easy to use on any device – from smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktops.

Seamless integrations with Mission-Critical Apps

There are dozens of applications and systems that can – and should – be integrated with your phone system. And thanks to our 200+ plug-and-play APIs, you can do that quickly and easily.

Library of advanced calling features

Our platform is equipped with all the features a cutting-edge phone system needs to improve efficiency and productivity. Features like call forwarding, simple call queue management, IVR capabilities, plus a whole lot more.

Video Meetings

With LightSpar’s video meeting capabilities, your team work on tough projects face-to-face – even if they’re not in the same room! All they have to do is log in.

Quick & Easy Sharing Capabilities

Whether you need to share a file, your screen, or a specific app, our platform has you covered. With just a few clicks you can make sure your entire team is on the same page.

Enterprise-Grade Security for Every meeting

Our platform is equipped with the highest levels of encryption possible, preventing cyber criminals from accessing your meeting or any of the information shared within it.

Record & Replay Functionality

Not only can you record important meetings with teammates and clients, but you can also save them for later via our replay and download features. This is especially useful for when you need to review wide-scale training meetings or targeted product demonstrations.

Support for Large-Scale Corporate Webinars

Looking to host your own webinar? No problem! LightSpar’s platform allows you to host video meetings for over 100 users, and provides you with branded registration pages and auto-generated invite links.

Chat & Messaging

Say goodbye to waiting around for an email response or a returned phone call! Get the answers you need when you need them with LightSpar’s instant messaging functionality.

Customizable Chat Channels

Easily send PDFs, GIFs, images, emojis, and a more to the From one-on-one chat channels with your co-workers to group chats for each department, LightSpar lets you connect how you like.

User Status (or, if you prefer, User Presence)

See who’s on a call, who’s out of office, and who’s available to chat without picking up the phone. Our visual indicators tell you everything you need to know at a glance.

One-Click Calling & Conferencing

Start voice and video calls (and even a full-blown team meeting) right from the chat interface. No need to dial anyone in or hunt for specific numbers or extensions.

External SMS Messaging Capabilities

Use the same interface to send and receive SMS messages from external contacts like customers, vendors, and other business contacts. A record of all the messages is securely stored in our message vault should you need them!

Mobile Offering

We’ve distilled all the features and functions of a UCaaS system into one user-friendly application. Now any internet-connected device can become a secure office line.

Everything You Get in the office On One application

The application lets users make and take voice and video calls, send and receive instant and SMS messages, share important files – everything they’re already doing on their desktops, laptops, and office phones.

A Truly Intuitive User Interface

Apps should always be easy to use. Which is why we’ve optimized ours to be easy to use regardless of someone’s technical skillset. No steep learning curves required here

Mobile-Specific Functions

We’ve included specialized functions just for mobile devices. With the LightSpar app you can use Siri to make and take calls, transition from at-home WiFi to cellular data without loss of call quality, share cell and business contacts…and that’s only the beginning.

A UCaaS Solution Designed
to Make Your Life Easier

From reducing IT complications, to increasing revenue and productivity, you’d be surprised what a tailor-made UCaaS Platform can do to support your business.

Increased productivity

By using unified communication and collaboration tools, organizations can collaborate faster and more efficiently, saving time and increasing productivity.

Reduced Costs

By reducing travel and the need for physical hardware, LightSpar's UCaaS offering helps organizations reduce communication costs.

Easy deployment

LightSpar's UCaaS offering is designed for rapid deployment, with simple installation and configuration that can be done quickly and easily.

Choose the system that supports your business

We know one size fits all doesn’t work for your business. So let us help you build the perfect UCaaS solution at the perfect price point!